Rendering in SketchUp: 3 of the Best

When paired with the right rendering plugin, SketchUp can elevate your 3D modelling to the next level. There are literally hundreds of extensions that enable you to add special tools and features to SketchUp. You can find extensions for a specific application (such as drawing or 3D printing) and industry-specific tools (such as extensions for architecture, interior design, construction, and more). You can browse the extension warehouse from within SketchUp, or you can find it here.
These are our favourite rendering plugins for SketchUp and what we use them for.


V-Ray has been transforming people’s SketchUp models into photorealistic renderings and animations for a number of years now. V-Ray for SketchUp is easy to install and get started with, offering the power of the world’s most used renderer to the speed and flexibility of the most commonly used modeller.

Check out a free trial of V-Ray here.

V-Ray in SketchUp, ‘Las Tunusas’ – Author credit: David Santos 

V-Ray in SketchUp, ‘Train Pavillion’ – Author credit: Alex Hogrefe

SU Podium

SU Podium is a favourite among architects and interior designers for the ease in which it can produce detailed and life-like architectural visualizations from a detailed SketchUp model. SU Podium uses a high-end, biased raytracing engine combined with a physical sky system and a set of carefully calibrated presets to make SketchUp rendering straightforward and enjoyable. You can download the trial here.

Example of SU Podium for SketchUp from

Example SU Podium for SketchUp from

Check out more incredible panoramic views here!  


This software gives a different more realistic rendering for SketchUp with lots of options via various modes and tools which simplifies and keeps your work models. Shaderlight gives a more whimsical, unique feel as it allows you the option of choosing between progressive rendering and single shot rendering.

Shaderlight in SketchUp 

What are your favourite rendering plug-ins? Let us know in the comments below.
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