Quick Reference Cards: Crib Sheet – Quick Win!

The Quick Reference Card (QRC) is an easy-to-print guide for all the SketchUp tools and their modifier keys.

You’ll be modelling much more efficiently once you’ve got your QRC nearby

Keep it handy if you’re new to SketchUp and you’ll be modelling quickly and efficiently in no time. Even if you’re a more advanced user, we’d defy you to not find these supremely useful.

Here are the 2019 QRC – for SketchUp and for LayOut – for both Windows and Mac.

Bookmark this page, print them off and pin them up.

You could even frame them in a custom wood picture frame you designed in SketchUp? We’ll leave it up to you!

SketchUp Pro QRC: Windows

LayOut QRC: Windows

SketchUp Pro QRC: Mac

LayOut QRC: Mac

Hit the links above for your own 2019 SketchUp Pro and LayOut QRC

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